The SLMS application is intended to provide technical support to the user to strategically manage sales and marketing of its products through the Representatives. Working through the connectivity between the Administration and Employees this application makes sure that the work flow goes on unhindered and streamlined. Managing, supervising, tracking and assessing employees wouldn’t be this easy otherwise. Saving of Time and Energy is guaranteed by SLMS.


SLMS being a web based application, is open for customizing and maintenance. A strong team is working behind it to serve at any time for modifications and system advice. It is applicable in any field of administration and management.

Basic Features

    ♦ Create Employee Profile   ♦ Documentations and Designations of Employees   ♦ Task Status & log details    ♦ Attendance Management through Punching system
    ♦ Work report   ♦ Performance Analysis   ♦ Products Profile   ♦ Lead Creation   ♦ Lead Overview   ♦ Job Allocation   ♦ Job Achievement   ♦ Employee Advance
    ♦ Marketing Expenses   ♦ Activity Approval   ♦ Administrative Permissions   ♦ Internal Messaging center   ♦ Employees leave request   ♦ Pay slip generation