File Management

File Management

The File Management


The File Management system is the Computer based system for maintenance of the Personal Registers in an office. Details about Files/Letters received and the stages of processing it undergoes like submission to an officer, letters issued to different offices, replies received in connection with this file from different offices are registered in this system. Software gathers all the related details from office and consolidates the details. Based on this data reports are generated. A file management system's tracking component is key to the creation and management of this system, where documents containing various stages of processing are shared and interchanged on an ongoing basis.

Built on a solid foundation of best in class capabilities, the system delivers robust features that enable businesses to automate, organize and adapt for a sustainable, competitive advantage.

Basic Features

 In House Application     Cost effective procurement     Compactable with all devices     24 x 7 Service     Robust System Design     Multi-User facility

    Product Features

  • Assigning numbers
  • Owner process mapping
  • Track various stages of processing
  • Grouping
  • Track Location
  • Report generation
  • Notes
  • Status
  • Create, modify, copy, delete and other file operations

    Major Benefits

  • Immediate availability of Information compared to Manual tracking
  • Stock of Pending files
  • Status of Pending files
  • Availability of Reports on various dimensions (based on different parameters)
  • Easy retrieval of reports with minimum input data
  • Quick delivery of detailed reports

User Level's

Two Levels of users are defined in this system. Individual Users can enter and view their information. Individual User can login and access their data only. Administrative User has access to all the users of that Department.