Asset Management - is a complete Asset management system with the power, flexibility and scalability that growing businesses require. The system provides a complete control over the business process of the user through its various modules, such as Asset groups, Assets, Asset Movements which enhances the ease of entire operations.

Built on a solid foundation of best in class capabilities, the system delivers robust features that enable businesses to automate, organize and adapt for a sustainable, competitive advantage.

Key Features

    ♦ Web Application    ♦ Manage multiple Clients    ♦ Compactable with all devices    ♦ Cost effective procurement    ♦ 24 x 7 Service    ♦ Robust System Design    ♦ Multi-User facility

Product Management

    ♦ Client Creation    ♦ Location Creation    ♦ Products Creation    ♦ Asset Specification    ♦ Asset Grouping    ♦ Asset Details    ♦ Asset Stock ♦ Barcode Print
    ♦ Asset Movement    ♦ Brand Creation    ♦ Linking with Manufactures ♦ Linking with Suppliers    ♦ Inventory Management    ♦ Setting Product Codes    ♦ PDA Tagging
    ♦ Asset Movement Record